Playing in the sandbox is the first conscious activity I remember from my childhood. All these toy shovels and rakes, and piles of sand, of course, let you create sea monsters and build towers, dig deep ditches and practice in sand culinary. So much time has passed, and I still like playing in the sandbox. Not the real one, but virtual.

Hello, I am Lenny Martens, 35-years old software developer, big fan of game sandboxes and real deserts. I gathered the team of the same sandbox fans, and we all decided to dedicate the whole website to one sandbox, which we consider perfect in all senses. And this is the Trailmakers game released at the beginning of 2018. I and my teammates concluded that is they could play only one sandbox game to the rest of their lives it would be Trailmakers.

So we are here on this site to keep you informed about the latest news and updates regarding Trailmakers. Sorry, I haven’t introduced my mates, the best team I ever worked with.

Jack Williams is the most sophisticated and thorough web-designer I’ve ever met. He’s the real PRO in his job. He has an eye on the visual details and sees the essence of things clearly to transmit it with his immaculate design.

Sonia Nelson is the QA Specialist. She has the analytical mind and never misses a detail in her work. She prefers sandboxes for the unlimited opportunities these games bring players. 

Chuck Anderson is our Front-End Developer. He is absolutely positive about decisions he makes and never lets us doubt in the success of any project. Trailmakers is his guilty pleasure in times when he’s not in the mood for work.
We are all saying hello to you, Trailmaker fan. We are the same as you: preferring open worlds and limitless opportunities. 


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