Rally Mode Hotfix Three weeks ago Flashbulb released a new update with Rally Mode. This mode is extremely fun and brings players a new driving experience with blocked-vehicles. Most of the players didn't saw any bugs or glitches. But developers from Flashbulb know about many issues. To solve most of them they bring us Trailmakers Rally Mode hotfix update. Here are the main fixes from the official press release: - Fixed players getting ejected from the builder when involuntarily leaving the race area. - Fixed resetting of hinges when repairing. - Fixed Power Core limit on servers. - Fixed the Boat tutorial on Race Island - Fixed various memory leaks. -Fixed the blueprint browser for updating existing workshop items. It previously only displayed two blueprints to choose from. - We squashed the issue that was causing some users to see lag and rubberbanding in extended play sessions. - The old style FPS counter should not appear and remain on the screen anymore, displaying an incorrect FPS. - Uploads made to the Steam Workshop in this update should now be downloaded correctly and visible in your Blueprint Inventory once again. - Fixed Alternative Rendering requiring to be enabled on GPUs that shouldn't need to use it. - Fixed Toggled Hinges not resetting correctly on repairs. - Blueprints that previously had locked parts will now correctly lose the ! when you own the blocks. - Fixed an issue with an unbound Logic Block set up not accepting input anymore. - Reimplemented the Builder Camera focus on block selected. - Fixed the Blueprint Inventory reloading every time you entered it. - Fixed the Blueprint Inventory not remember your last position. - Snowball Dispenser is back again. - Fixed the worse than intended Aerodynamics on the VIP Seat. It's now the same as the Standard Seat. - Fixed Sandbox being listed as Unknown Game Mode in the Server List. - Fixed Sensor Blocks being turned off when pressing ESC in a multiplayer game. - Fixed the Boombox sounds breaking after crashing/repairing. Again. - Fixed the missing tool tips inside the configurator. - Fixed Hover Engine sounds cutting out after crashes/repair/respawns. - Fixed the Blueprint context menu appearing behind the tooltip when right clicking a blueprint. Continue Reading Exploration 2.0 is coming to Trailmakers With March Rally Update the Exploration mode has been removed from Trailmakers. It was not a perfect mode with lots of problems. The main problem with Exploration mode was it's boring gameplay. Unfortunately, it was more like one-by-one puzzle solving then like real world exploring.  The main idea of Exploration mode was to give players the ability to explore each one's worlds. Like in Minecraft or Fortnite Creative Mode. But it was different. It was boring.  Developers still want to give us the ability to explore. Yesterday they announced that Exploration Mode 2.0 is coming in one of the next updates. The main thing that will be in updatet mode will be: A clear sense of progression. Exploration in a big map. Rewarding creativity. Finding blocks instead of buying them with points.  In words, it looks like a description of the previous version. But, we know how hard developers work to improve every aspect of the Trailmakers gameplay. That's why we all should wait and expect something great. Maybe, even fun as Rally Mode. Continue Reading Trailmakers Rally Update is out! We happy to inform that Rally Update is out. We waited for it for several months and now can enjoy brand new mode. Here we collected a description of the main changes in Trailmakers. Rally Game Mode Now every player can try his skills in rally racing. Ten new tracks and a lot of new items to create own rally championship, including helmets, brick blocks. Rally mode is really fun to play with old brick-vehicles and create new ones. Destruction Physics changes With Rally Update Trailmakers destruction physics had changed dramatically. According to official press-release, new destruction algorithm is 5 times more complex. The changes in block scattering are very big. In direct comperasion, it looks like two different games. Performance improvements There are some general performance improvements in Trailmakers. The main improvement is the grace visualization. After update tracks with lots of grace plays with 4-10 fps more on Xbox One.  Loading times is 30% faster on Xbox One and 16% faster on Xbox One X. On PC it still depends on RAM and CPU speed, but it also loads faster than before. RAM usage is decreased by more than 40%. After updated Trailmakers is officially runs on PC with 1GB RAM. Not smoothly but runs. There are a lot of changes in Builder, blocks, and menu. Don't hesitate - try Trailmakers Rally Update right now! Continue Reading Trailmakers 0.7.3 - The Happy Holidays Update! The winter holiday season is the perfect time to relax under a blanket , drinking hot cocoa, reading a book, and maybe with a renewed Trailmakers? This update is smaller than the past, but it has some new interesting features that we hope you will enjoy. If you need to do something else during the holidays, visit Trailermakers  competition [www.playtrailmakers.com] where you can win blue yeti. General Ho Ho Hoooold up... is that snow falling in the Danger Zone?! Take a walk in the winter wonderland, and perhaps you’ll find some presents from Santa. Don’t worry - they are for you ❤️ Blocks NEW: Helicopter Engine v2 - The engineers have finally managed to put nubs on top of a helicopter engine. Truly a groundbreaking innovation. NEW: 2 *Secret* Blocks - The first present is quite heavy, and it has the same shape as something you already own. The second present is small and shaped like a T. Log in between December 1 and December 9 to find these blocks in the Danger Zone. NEW: 3 *Secret* Blocks - Three almost identical presents rattle with a metallic clang when you shake them. Perhaps they are part of a set? Log in between December 10 and December 16 to find three new blocks in the Danger Zone. NEW: 3 *Secret* Blocks - The first two small presents rattle when you shake them. The third present is warm to the touch! Log in between December 17 and December 31 to find three new blocks in the Danger Zone. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where detached seats would become immune to damage. Fixed a goal scored in the Carball Arena rewarding two points. Fixed spawn rotation and mirroring on several blocks. Removed the underwater cactus in Race Island. Smoothed out the Danger Zone roads. Made an invisible ramp in Expedition appear again. Fixed some blocks returning to default profile colours when becoming scrap. Fixed an issue with pooled blocks becoming too large. Fixed a stuck in build mode bug related to repairing and respawning at the same time. Fixed an issue with structures that had too many weld points. Fixed a crash when respawning in big structures. Fixed some collision on the Danger Zone carrier. Numerous fixes to our new Multiplayer framework. Fixed occasional server side crash occurring when a client disconnects. Fixed rare serverside crash while starting up a new server. Fixed server side crash when respawning while sitting inside a large structure. Fixed server side physics crash when trying to enter build mode on very compact structures. Fixed server side crash when loading and deleting a lot of structures in the same build session. Fixed a "Stuck in build mode" when simultaneously repairing, respawning and entering build on the same structure. Fixed an infinite loading screen when network times out while joining a remote server. Improved client side load time so that network timeouts occur less frequently when joining remote servers. Fixed the ramp. Continue Reading Trailmakers Coming Soon to Xbox One Trailmakers coming to Xbox Q1 2019! But before it hasn't happened you can enjoy this game at Steam for Windows PC. Trailmakers fans can make a short trailer for Xbox. "With the amount of creativity we have seen from the Trailmakers community, we thought it would be fun to let you make the trailer. Show those Xbox players what they can look forward to!" - announced Trailmakers team. THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A TRAILMAKERS GOODIE BAG! More details at Official Trailmakers page. Continue Reading
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