Exploration 2.0 is coming to Trailmakers

With March Rally Update the Exploration mode has been removed from Trailmakers. It was not a perfect mode with lots of problems. The main problem with Exploration mode was it's boring gameplay. Unfortunately, it was more like one-by-one puzzle solving then like real world exploring. 

The main idea of Exploration mode was to give players the ability to explore each one's worlds. Like in Minecraft or Fortnite Creative Mode. But it was different. It was boring. 

Developers still want to give us the ability to explore. Yesterday they announced that Exploration Mode 2.0 is coming in one of the next updates. The main thing that will be in updatet mode will be:

  • A clear sense of progression.
  • Exploration in a big map.
  • Rewarding creativity.
  • Finding blocks instead of buying them with points. 

In words, it looks like a description of the previous version. But, we know how hard developers work to improve every aspect of the Trailmakers gameplay. That's why we all should wait and expect something great. Maybe, even fun as Rally Mode.

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