Rally Mode Hotfix

Three weeks ago Flashbulb released a new update with Rally Mode. This mode is extremely fun and brings players a new driving experience with blocked-vehicles. Most of the players didn't saw any bugs or glitches. But developers from Flashbulb know about many issues. To solve most of them they bring us Trailmakers Rally Mode hotfix update.

Here are the main fixes from the official press release:

- Fixed players getting ejected from the builder when involuntarily leaving the race area.
- Fixed resetting of hinges when repairing.
- Fixed Power Core limit on servers.
- Fixed the Boat tutorial on Race Island
- Fixed various memory leaks.
-Fixed the blueprint browser for updating existing workshop items. It previously only displayed two blueprints to choose from.
- We squashed the issue that was causing some users to see lag and rubberbanding in extended play sessions.
- The old style FPS counter should not appear and remain on the screen anymore, displaying an incorrect FPS.
- Uploads made to the Steam Workshop in this update should now be downloaded correctly and visible in your Blueprint Inventory once again.
- Fixed Alternative Rendering requiring to be enabled on GPUs that shouldn't need to use it.
- Fixed Toggled Hinges not resetting correctly on repairs.
- Blueprints that previously had locked parts will now correctly lose the ! when you own the blocks.
- Fixed an issue with an unbound Logic Block set up not accepting input anymore.
- Reimplemented the Builder Camera focus on block selected.
- Fixed the Blueprint Inventory reloading every time you entered it.
- Fixed the Blueprint Inventory not remember your last position.
- Snowball Dispenser is back again.
- Fixed the worse than intended Aerodynamics on the VIP Seat. It's now the same as the Standard Seat.
- Fixed Sandbox being listed as Unknown Game Mode in the Server List.
- Fixed Sensor Blocks being turned off when pressing ESC in a multiplayer game.
- Fixed the Boombox sounds breaking after crashing/repairing. Again.
- Fixed the missing tool tips inside the configurator.
- Fixed Hover Engine sounds cutting out after crashes/repair/respawns.
- Fixed the Blueprint context menu appearing behind the tooltip when right clicking a blueprint.

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