Trailmakers Rally Update is out!

We happy to inform that Rally Update is out. We waited for it for several months and now can enjoy brand new mode. Here we collected a description of the main changes in Trailmakers.

Rally Game Mode
Now every player can try his skills in rally racing. Ten new tracks and a lot of new items to create own rally championship, including helmets, brick blocks. Rally mode is really fun to play with old brick-vehicles and create new ones.

Destruction Physics changes
With Rally Update Trailmakers destruction physics had changed dramatically. According to official press-release, new destruction algorithm is 5 times more complex. The changes in block scattering are very big. In direct comperasion, it looks like two different games.

Performance improvements
There are some general performance improvements in Trailmakers. The main improvement is the grace visualization. After update tracks with lots of grace plays with 4-10 fps more on Xbox One. 
Loading times is 30% faster on Xbox One and 16% faster on Xbox One X. On PC it still depends on RAM and CPU speed, but it also loads faster than before.
RAM usage is decreased by more than 40%. After updated Trailmakers is officially runs on PC with 1GB RAM. Not smoothly but runs.

There are a lot of changes in Builder, blocks, and menu. Don't hesitate - try Trailmakers Rally Update right now!

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