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We are the fans of Trailmakers, but we are also big fans of software development. So you can call us Appmakers as well. We are not amateurs in this industry but the real experts. Want to make sure on your own? Order our App Development Service, and Appmakers team will make its best to prove you’ve made the right choice. Order mobile app development for iOS and Android and gain the real benefits of our service. 
What do we offer our clients?

  • Mobile application development in time.
  • Transparent problem-solving.
  • Detailed research of the audience, the market, and your competitors.
  • Sophisticated design and usability.
  • Thorough testing and publishing in the AppStore and the PlayMarket.
  • Performance guarantees.
  • Technical support after release.

How do we make your business successful?
Each time we start developing an application for iOS or Android, we set the task of finding what users lack and what they need from the application of this kind. Therefore, creating an application begins with analyzing existing applications and examining user reactions. We draw attention to the reviews, work to improve user interaction with the application, and make everything possible to develop the app corresponding to all users needs. 

What are the prices for our service?
The price of the app development depends on the features you want to include in the app. Here are the estimated amounts for offers we are providing. 

COMMON APP with basic functionalities ~$180

  • 3 days delivery.
  • 1 post-release revision.
  • App icon.
  • 1 OS.
  • Splash screen. 

WOW-EFFECT APP with extra functionalities ~$250

  • 5 days delivery.
  • 3 post-release revisions.
  • App icon.
  • Exclusive design.
  • 1 OS.
  • Splash screen. 
  • Source code included. 

SPECTACULAR APP with super features ~$350 

  • 7 days delivery.
  • 5 post-release revisions.
  • App icon.
  • Unique design.
  • 2 OS.
  • 2 splash screens. 
  • Ad network integration.
  • Source code included.

Select the needed features and inform us what kind of app you'd like to get. We are open to your suggestions and cooperation. 


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